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Video marketing has improved in recent years and video advertising is now becoming a tool for digital marketers to influence their audience. And it seems that videos are a worthwhile investment according to these video marketing statistics that prove the effectiveness of using video animation advertising in content marketing.

But video animation advertising is not something you should rush into. There are certain steps you should follow and avoid if you want to make a great video ad. By understanding these advantages and disadvantages of video advertising, you can use the proposal template to create a video marketing plan for executives and create a more effective and profitable video advertising campaign.

Here is a list of dos and don'ts for video animation.

Do: Keep your audience in mind.

Don't: Forget the purpose of the animation.

Your overall goal as an animator is to target your client's target audience and capture their attention effectively. The problem is that you may not have the right audience to begin with. If so, the result may be ineffective. Your solution? Find out! Understand your customer's audience to understand who, what, when, where, and why. This will help you decide what key elements you want to highlight in the video animation advertising to capture their interest. That said, keeping your audience in mind and knowing who you're targeting is key to achieving your animation goal.

Do: Create a written storyboard for your video animation advertising.

Don't: Delete the original drafts.

Storyboards at different levels, from rough translation to advanced meetings, are a great way to bring the "story" told to a level that is understandable to both the production and the final audience. Good questions to ask yourself when creating storyboards: Does it make sense? Is it entertaining? Is it educational? The story you told should be able to answer "yes" to these questions, and you and the audience should be able to visualize it. If there is no entry in the storyboard, don't worry! Just because it misses the mark doesn't mean throwing the whole item away - instead, keeping it. You can go back to these earlier drafts to see how the story is progressing. In some cases, you can even return to original ideas or weave together existing ideas into new concepts.

Do: Experiment with styles.

Don't: Use a style that doesn't support the story.

Experimenting with different styles will help improve your flexibility as an animator. Plus, it's fun to mix things up now and then so that stories don't always have predictable endings. Sometimes our brain needs predictability, but other times it takes a surprising twist to grab the attention of the masses. Each animation style may suit a client better or worse. An example of an inappropriate animation style is using a comic character for a product or service with a serious theme. i.e. - A cartoon character in a funeral advertisement.

Another example would be to give a serious tone to a product or service that is light and fun. That doesn't mean things like this haven't been done before. Sometimes, when you least expect it, an animator will throw a curveball using a seemingly inappropriate animation style to set it apart from the rest of the pack. Just be aware that the same logic can land you in hot water if the content you produce is offensive.

Do: Make a plan.

Don't: Bite off more than you can chew.

There are many things to consider in video animation advertising. When it's time to start a new project, you need to have the information you need to make the project a success. To obtain this information, it is necessary to discuss with the client budget, quality, feasibility, timelines, etc. This will help you create a well-thought-out plan. Spoiler alert, the best pre-planned projects tend to be the most successful.

But making promises and trying to do more than you can is a recipe for disaster. Maybe you're already busy with too many other projects, or the client is asking for a style you don't yet have experience with, or maybe their proposed deadline is too early. Regardless of the reason, it's always best to set expectations with your client during the first conversation. If you don't fit them - no problem! It's better to be honest about your abilities and availability than to bite off more than you can chew.

DO: Keep it short

DONT: Make irrelevant long videos

There is no ideal length for a video, which depends on the channel you are using and the message you want to convey. You can make a great video in three minutes or even fifteen seconds. Some videos will leave you wanting more, while there are videos you'll want to get over in no time. Think of your video as something that gets your audience to click a call to action button.

video animation advertising is a great way to reach your audience and create a connection between your brand and the viewer. But before you start creating videos for your ad campaign, there are some dos and don'ts. The list of pros and cons above is the most important to create a strong video ad campaign that stands out and improves your ROI over time.

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