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Best Animation Companies in Mumbai

Today, in India and around the world, animation has become very popular in this digital age. Not only is it used to create entertaining content, but it is also used as a powerful visual communication tool that has revolutionized websites, games, movies, and TV commercials. Animation Companies in Mumbai and around the world use animation to produce videos to help brands boost their marketing and advertising.

Animation has been a popular entertainment for generations, evolving with technology. Over the years, we have seen beautiful characters and stories as artists strive to create what audiences want in their animated TV shows or movies.

So let's talk about the best Animation Companies in Mumbai.

The Jigsaw:

It is a company with a base in Mumbai that was founded by a team that has already achieved success in video production to create animated videos. One could consider it to be a top production studio in Mumbai. Their primary goal is to highlight your company's efforts in the best way possible.

Pixel Digital Studios:

Pixel Digital Studios is a full-service digital media production company offering services across all media channels. They work as a quality to improve brand image and work long hours with competitors from video production to technology.

Paper Boat Studios Pvt. Ltd.:

It is a well-known animation studio in Mumbai and a provider of infographic videos. Zed &TV, Nestle, Cadbury, The World Bank, KIDZEE, TCS, McCann, and many other television programs are just a few of their clients.


One of India's top animation and visual effects studios is Tata Elxsi's Visual Computing Labs (VCL). Together, they have produced a variety of popular and award-winning films, shorts, TV programs, commercials, and animated television programs for well-known Indian and worldwide media outlets and consumer brands.

Cosmos Maya entertainment:

As the executive producer of the most successful shows in the space, the studio currently has 12 shows on the air and 6 in production. The content is very popular worldwide and its popularity is not limited to the Indian diaspora.


Creatfx specializes in high-quality CGI, including branding, concept generation, digital characters, pre-post motion videos, special event content titles, medical animation, and visual effects studio virtual production.

With the growing demand for video content, the need for animated videos is also increasing day by day. The significant expansion of the animation industry has also created many job opportunities for qualified candidates.

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