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animation studios in san francisco
result driven animation studios in california

Our Process of making your video

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Let us explain how your animated video creation is done.


First, you will share your idea. This step is most important as from this brief only we can plan your project precisely. You need to explain why you are creating this video. What is your expectation from this video? Who is your target audience?  What is your budget range? How many videos do you need? What type of quality do you need? What is the deadline for this project?

According to this information, we will plan the perfect video for you.


Once we reach an understanding of your expectations, we will create a script for the video and present it to you. If you are satisfied with it then great, otherwise we can rewrite it up till it reaches your vision.

We can avoid many mistakes in the future if we spend some quality time on the script, as the script is the foundation on which our video will be built.


As the script is finalized now we can progress toward the voice recording. According to the need of the project, we will record the script in the required language from professional voice-over artists in the recording studio. We will get your approval on the voiceover.


Now starts designing. Here we will create the assets to be used in our video like characters, sets, background, props, and any other relevant design material. ​Animation Studios in San Francisco is known for producing some of the most beloved animated films of all time.



Here we start the process of animating the assets, that is, to give movement and add motion to the assets. Though this is a digital process, it needs the manual work of an animation artist. With the artist’s creativity, he will create emotions that will appeal to the viewer and convey our message directly to their hearts. The animation studios in California, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expert talent, are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with animation in the modern era.


At this stage, we will start the time-consuming process of rendering which means the computers will process the work done by the artists in the software and combine it into a video.


Now we will add the sounds and background music to the video. Ex. If a character is walking then we will add the sound of steps into it. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Does the sound depend on various factors such as who is walking? A man? Child? Woman? On what surface is he walking? Is it a slow relaxed walk or a fast-paced walk?


After combing and synchronizing all the above steps which are voice-over, designs, animation, rendering, and sound design we will present the final video in front of you.

animation studios in california
animation studios in san francisco
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